Lactation Support Services

Breastfeeding has so many health benefits for you and your baby but pain, discomfort, and slow weight gain for baby may be making breastfeeding harder than you ever thought. Just like with natural birth, we think that nursing will be easy and intuitive but for most first-time moms (and even experienced moms), it is extremely challenging at first. If you find yourself having trouble nursing, do yourself and baby a favor. Before you give up, let Sacred Knowledge help you . In nearly all cases, we can teach you how to continue nursing (comfortably!) for as long as you and baby want.

Sacred Knowledge Lactation Services

Our breastfeeding education and lactation support is done in the privacy of your own home. Sacred knowledge provides you with the personalized, evidenced based, support that will help you to make the best decisions regarding your personal breastfeeding goals.

Your personalized consultation visit typically is done in two sessions.

Our initial session will cover:

– Recognizing feeding cues
– Evaluation of latch / position of mon and baby
– Maintaining milk supply
– Addressing questions and concerns

follow up session to make sure everything is going well. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype/ Zoom.

For confidence in breastfeeding Journey with Sacred Knowledge!

Certified Lactation Counselor Emily Lugo has been trained with a nationally recognized organization and has satisfied the requirements of the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice for certification. The designation CLC is the only designation in addition to IBCLC (International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant) to be recognized by the CDC.

If you are experiencing

Any nipple or breast pain

Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, although a little soreness and discomfort early on may be normal


Sore nipples that are not improving

Anxiety about Breast Feeding

Or baby is experiencing


Inadequate diapers


Inadequate weight gain

Squirms, fusses or cries at breast

Clicking sounds, hiccups or excessive spit up or vomitting

Long feeds (45 minutes or longer) and/or frequent feeds (every hour or less) more than just cluster feeding periods at specific times of day.

Incredibly sleepy and won’t wake for feedings or stay awake during feedings

Trouble latching

Also, if you feel like something just isn’t right, it probably isn’t and it’s time to call Sacred Knowledge for support .


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Lactation Services today!



Serving greater SWFL 

Serving Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita, Estero,
Cape Coral, North Port, Englewood, Sarasota and surrounding areas.

Supporting hospital births,
homebirths, birth center births including
Health Park, NCH, Cape Coral Hospital,
Lakewood Ranch Women’s Center, Sarasota Memorial Hospital and more

The services we provide

– Pre Labor

-Labor Doula

-Postpartum Doula

-Childbirth Education

-Lactation Counseling